Necronia has three hometowns. A hometown is the town you respawn in after you have died. Your first hometown in Necronia is Bawfuria. When you have gathered enough Sapphire Gems for Captain Sharkslasher, you can sail to Island of Judgement. There you will choose a vocation.
Your choice of hometown is not permanent and can easily be changed whenever you want to. All you have to do is go to the town and find the Portal of Citizenship. If you enter it, the town you are in will become your new hometown.
To send parcels and letters you must know the hometown of the reciever.


The first town you come to with every new character. After you have left Bawfuria and went to mainland there is no turning back unless you die or suicide down to level 5, which will reset your character's level to level 1.

Mainland Towns


Conqueria is the first city as we meet on mainland , it's capital city in Necronia.


A town built on a swamp. This town is based on economy and sells many items, making it an ideal choice of living in.